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Note: these guidelines are suggestions at this phase

General rules

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Artist types

  • Music producer: artists that regularly compose or arrange music. When multiple roles apply, this type takes preference over everything else.
  • Vocalist: artists that regularly provide vocals.
  • Illustrator: artists who create illustrations.
  • Lyricist: artists who write lyrics.
  • Circle: groups of people who publish their own albums, usually at events such as Comiket and Reitaisai.
  • Label: commercial companies that publish albums for others but generally don’t take part in song creation themselves.
  • Other group: for all other groups of people, including more conventional bands.
  • Other individual: for individuals who participate in other ways. Most commonly this means instrumentalists.

Note: when multiple roles apply, use the most common role, except for music producer, which usually takes higher preference.

Artist pictures


Album types

  • Original album: music albums with only original songs. This mainly consists of official music albums by ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice.
  • Game: for Touhou games.
  • Fanmade/doujin: music albums with arrangements of Touhou songs, either on-vocal or off-vocal.
    • Off-vocal albums should be tagged with the instrumental tag.
  • Other: for all other albums.

Album pictures


Song types

  • Original song: songs that are not derivatives. This includes original songs from games (by ZUN), and original songs on doujin albums (those that are not based on any Touhou song).
  • Arrangement: modified songs based on Touhou originals. These may be either on-vocal or off-vocal.
    • For off-vocal songs, the instrumental tag is optional.
  • Instrumental: instrumental versions of original songs or arrangements. Instrumental should be identical to the parent version of the song, except for lacking vocals.
  • Music PV: for music videos that are significant enough to have their own entry.
  • Drama PV: for videos without music.
  • Other: for everything else.

Song embeds and PVs


Song lists



User types

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