Album track format strings for the custom CSV export

Default tag format string is %title%;%title%%featvocalists%;%producers%;%album%;%discnumber%;%track%

which results in rows such as Nijiiro Utopia;Nijiiro Utopia feat. Hatsune Miku;Kimuta;Sora Iro Melody;1;1

  • All keywords are surrounded by percent signs, for example %album%.
  • Field name keywords are case-insensitive.
  • All entry names are localized unless otherwise mentioned.
  • If the field has no meaningful value, the result will be empty unless otherwise mentioned.


Field nameAliasesMeaningExample
albumAlbum namewhiteout
albumartistalbum artistAlbum artist string (producers + vocalists or “various”)8#Prince feat. various
albummaincircleMain circle name of the album, if all producers belong in that circle. If there is no circle or the producers have no common circle, and the album is a split album, the list of producers. If there is no main circle and the album is not a split album, then “various artists”Plug::8
artisttrack artistTrack artist string which includes producers and vocalists8#Prince feat. Hatsune Miku Append (Sweet)
catalognumAlbum catalog numberP8CD-002
disccountTotal number of discs on the album1
discnumberDisc number of the current track1
featvocalistsComma-separated list of track vocalists prefixed by “feat.” if there is at least one vocalist, otherwise empty. You can use this to append the list of vocalists to a list of producersfeat. Hatsune Miku Append (Sweet)
genresComma-separated list of genres. Picked from genre tags where underscores are replaced with spaces. If the song has no genre tags, album’s tags are usedElectroPop, Electro-House
lengthsecondsSong length (duration) in seconds628
producersComma-separated list of track producers8#Prince
publishdateSong publish date14.11.2010
releasedateAlbum release date14.11.2010
releaseyearAlbum release year2010
releaseeventAlbum release event nameThe Voc@loid M@ster 14
titleTrack titleintro+
totaltrackcountTotal number of tracks on the album10
tracktracknumberTrack number1
urlURL to song
vocalistsComma-separated list of track vocalistsHatsune Miku Append (Sweet)

API endpoint

There is also a REST API endpoint at

This endpoint accepts the same fields as above. The API endpoint supports CSV output by specifying HTTP header “Accept: text/csv”.

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