Trusted users

Trusted user is someone who has been given access to full editing functionality on VocaDB, such as deleting or merging entries.

Things to remember

We expect you to know the basic guidelines on VocaDB, and most importantly, ask the other members if you’re unsure of something.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Trusted users are not moderators. Skip moderation-related entry reports such as artist verification and content removal -requests.
  • Before merging entries, keep in mind that undoing a merge, especially merging artist entries, can be a lot of work, so please make sure the entries really need to be merged.
  • Being a trusted user doesn’t mean that you’re above others. Please try to listen to advice given by other members, especially those who have been on the site longer than you.
  • Avoid assuming things without proof or reference. VocaDB is intended to be a reliable source of information. When working on a database/encyclopedia it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have to assume, at least make it clear that there is no reference.
  • Avoid fights or personal insults in the public entry comment sections. Personal arguments are to be resolved elsewhere. AKA no drama.
  • Communicate! If you’re unsure, post a question in the comments. If you find something to be improved, or disagree with our rules, post your opinion in the comments (but avoid unnecessary, pointless arguing). Note that ignoring others, (especially staff members), doesn’t work in the long run. If you’re being harassed, message a staff member.

Also see the editing FAQ and User groups.

How to become trusted user?

There is no specific criteria for becoming a trusted user. It is based on the time spent on the website, number and especially quality of edits. A small number of detailed edits can be reason enough for becoming trusted. Communication also matters. We expect trusted users to be sufficiently respectful, play nice with others, and ask someone senior if they’re unsure of something. That also means taking responsibility of correcting any mistakes with your edits, when someone points them out.

Please don’t ask us for promoting you to trusted. Eventually a staff member (moderator or administrator) will notice your edits, make a short review and promote you if they’re satisfied. If they’re unsure, they will contact you and/or other staff members first.

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