Everything on VocaDB is free to use with attribution, even for commercial purposes.

This covers:

  • Software source code
  • Database contents (such as artist, album and song entries)
  • Media files that are part of the software itself (mainly logos)
  • Contents of this wiki

The only thing we ask is that you provide a link back whenever taking content from VocaDB.

The contents of the database and this wiki are provided under Creative Commons Attribution license.

The source code is licensed under MIT license, meaning use is allowed for all purposes, including commercial, as long as attribution is provided.


Content not covered by this license

3rd party licensed content uploaded by users is not covered by this license. The ownership of that content stays with the authors of the said content.

That content includes:

  • Images that are not created by us. This includes most of the icons.
  • Software libraries used by the software.
  • User-uploaded images such as album covers and artist profile pictures.
  • Audio hosted on the website (only verified artists are able to upload audio).
  • Lyrics.

Copyrighted content is used under the fair use clause of United States copyright law.

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