Artist entry page

This page explains the artist entry page features.

Hatsune Miku for example:

This page displays the entry data and provides some of the website features through user actions.

Available user actions

The artist entry status is shown with an icon on this line.


Artist entries can be followed to show support and get notified when artists release new songs or albums or participate in events.

There are three artist-specific notification settings:

  • No notifications.
  • Notify me on-site.
  • Notify me both on-site and by email.

Follower lists for artists are not available, but followed artists for users are available at{username}/artists


The “Edit” -button opens the edit-page for the artist entry.

View modifications

The “View modifications” -button opens the version history for the artist entry:{artist_id}

The version history table uses 5 columns: Version, Created, Author, Changes, Notes.

The specific version can be viewed when clicking one of the version numbers in the Version-column:{version_id}

The version page has two user actions available (four for moderators).

Revert to this version (moderators)

  • Reverts the artist entry to this version. Used for countering vandalism and fixing edit mistakes.

Download XML

  • Downloads the version information in XML format.

Report an error

  • Reports the specific entry version. Using this, a notification will be sent to the relevant editor.

Hide this version (moderators)

  • Hides the specific entry version. The version link will still be visible on the entry history -page, but the link will be inaccessible to users that are not moderators.

Report an error

Creates an entry report and adds it to the entry report -list that is visible to trusted users+

For artists, four report types are available. The notes -field is required for report types 1 & 4.

1. Invalid or missing information

Used for reporting

  • invalid or incorrect information
    • Always provide reasoning and proofs unless already obvious.
  • missing information
    • A missing alias or a circle for example. If possible, always prefer adding the information yourself instead of leaving a report. Avoid requesting entries (such as missing albums/songs) through entry reports.

2. Duplicate entry

Artist entry is a duplicate and should be merged. A link to the duplicate artist entry is required along with proof.

3. Inappropriate content

For artists entries that do not belong to VocaDB.

4. Other (specify in notes)

Visible data

Fields that are empty or unavailable will not be visible.

tab: Basic info

The fields from the basic info -tab on the edit-page are displayed here along with some additional sections.


  • The first line shows the name based on the “Preferred display language” - user setting.

  • The other primary names and aliases are shown on the second line.


The artist entry description truncated to the first ~~400 characters. If longer than this, a “Show full description” -button is provided.

The English translation (if available) is shown by default, regardless of user language preferences.

Release date

Release date of the voicebank.

Illustrated by

Illustrators of the voicebank.

Voice provider

Voice providers of the voicebank.

Managed by

Managers of the voicebank.

Character designer

Character designers of the voicebank.


Artist type


Supported voicebank language(s)


Four most voted tags are displayed by default. The “Show all” -button displays all of the tags grouped by the tag category.

One or two buttons (depending on the user group) are displayed next to the tags:

  1. Edit tags

Existing tags are shown as blue boxes. The box highlighting (orange) can be toggled by clicking.

Your tag votes will be added to the highlighted tags when clicking “Save”.

Tag suggestions are automatically displayed based on artists’ albums and songs. Always verify the specific tag usage guidelines. All tags have an option of hiding them from suggestions.

You can remove tags that you added yourself by removing your tag vote (toggling the highlight). Tags with 0 votes are removed when clicking “Save”.

  1. Manage tags (Trusted users){artist_id}

The entry tags are displayed as a table with columns Tag, Count, Votes (Visible to moderators only), Date.

Tags can be removed by any trusted user, regardless who added and voted for the tag.

  • Links from categories “official” and “commercial” are shown as one list, alphabetically sorted.
  • Links from categories “reference” and “other” are shown as one list, alphabetically sorted.

Base voicebank

Base voicebank of the voicebank.

VocaDB account

If the artist entry is verified, the corresponding user profile link is displayed here.

Derived voicebanks

  • Automatically generated list of derived voicebanks, along with their release date.

Groups and labels

Groups and labels that the artist is a member of.


The following statistics are included:

  • Follower count (S1)
  • Rated song count (S2)
  • Rated album count (S3)
  • Average album rating (S4)
  • Rated song count by the user (S5)

“Followed by S1 user(s). S2 rated song(s). S3 (s) (average album rating is S4). You have rated S5 song(s) by this artist.”

Addition date

Entry creation date. Corresponds to the last row in the entry history -table, except with the most earliest entries.

Recent albums

Corresponds to a custom search logic (GetLatestAlbums).

This can be different from the visible link “Recent albums”:

Corresponds to a custom search logic (GetTopAlbums).

This can be different from the visible link “Popular albums”:

Recent songs / PVs

Corresponds to a custom search logic (GetLatestSongs).

This can be different from the visible link “Recent songs / PVs”:

Corresponds to a custom search logic (GetTopSongs).

This can be different from the visible link “Popular songs”:

Recent events

Corresponds to a custom search logic (GetLatestEvents).

This can be different from the visible link “Recent events”:

Songs per month

Chart of monthly songs generated with [](The Highcharts library). Only generated for artists with 2 or more songs.

Latest comments

Section for leaving new comments. The latest 3 comments are shown.

As with the entry description, GitHub-flavored Markdown is supported for formatting.

Usernames prepended with the symbol @ will get notified when the comment is sent.

Always follow the discussion rules. Any comments can be edited and removed by Moderators.

tab: Discussion

All entry comments split to pages consisting of 10 comments.

tab: Pictures

Additional artist pictures are displayed on this tab.

tab: Main albums

Corresponds to[0]=1&artistParticipationStatus=OnlyMainAlbums

tab: Collaborations

Corresponds to[0]=1&artistParticipationStatus=OnlyCollaborations

tab: All songs

Corresponds to[0]=1

tab: Share

Includes a link to the artist entry and a second one with markdown.

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