Artist verification


If you are an artist working with music production, you may request your user account to be connected to your artist entry on VocaDB. Other roles such as illustrator, animator and mixer are also included.

The requirement is that you need to have at least one song entry on VocaDB. This can be original song, cover, remix or music PV, as long as it features vocals synths.


As a verified artist your user account name is displayed on the artist entry page, and vice versa. You also gain access to more privileges regarding your artist entry. You may mark your artist entry as approved, preventing new users from editing that entry. You may also remove tags associated with your entry and provide personal descriptions for your albums and songs.

Edits by verified artists are by default explanatory/trusted when editing their own entries. For example, as a verified artist you may mark the specific voicebank used without further explaining it - we trust that you know what you’re doing. This means less work for both you and the moderation team.


You can do this by submitting a verification request on VocaDB. You need to provide some way to prove that you are the artist.

  • Post a tweet saying you want your account verified on VocaDB. To do this, use your artist Twitter account, to create a Tweet linking to your VocaDB user account (instead of your artist page).

For example: Artist verification example

Multiple artist entries (for example, circle or UTAU voicebank) can be connected to the same user account (please mention this when submitting the verification request).

Note that abusing these privileges is strictly forbidden: you may not credit yourself for a song/album unless you really were involved.

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