VocaDB API and Embeds

Public API overview, usage rules & examples: https://github.com/VocaDB/vocadb/wiki/Public-API

This page provides information on how to embed VocaDB pages and info on other websites with the help of VocaDB’s API and specific parameters.

Tooltips API


VocaDB offers an API for qtip2-based tooltips for artists, albums and songs. This API can be used on external sites such as blogs to dynamically provide additional information for visitors. Below is an example of an album tooltip.

VocaDB album tooltip

Usage for webmasters

In order to use the tooltips, you need to include jQuery (recommended version 1.8 or higher), qtip2 and VocaDB tooltips library on the site.

You may also use a CDN for qtip, or download the scripts to your server.

Once these three libraries are included, the tooltip should automatically be added to all VocaDB links.

Song embeds


VocaDB allows PVs in the database to be embedded on other sites. Compared to embedding the video directly, for example from Youtube, this provides the following benefits:

  • Translated title and artist information
  • Allows the user to choose between all available video services. VocaDB supports NND, Youtube, Piapro, SoundCloud, Bilibili and Vimeo. All these can be included with a single embed.
  • A link to VocaDB is included automatically for additional information.

Below is an example of a song embed.

VocaDB song embed

Usage guide

The endpoint for embedding a song is at http://vocadb.net/Ext/EmbedSong . At least, you need to provide the song parameter, for example http://vocadb.net/Ext/EmbedSong?songId=25430 . Additionally, you can specify a language for the translations with the “lang” parameter, for example &lang=English.

OEmbed support

VocaDB song embeds support OEmbed, including OEmbed discovery. If the site supports OEmbed discovery, all you need to do is post a link to the song page, for example http://vocadb.net/S/25430 . Endpoint for the OEmbed API is at http://vocadb.net/Ext/OEmbed , for example http://vocadb.net/Ext/OEmbed?url=http://vocadb.net/S/25430 . Both JSON and XML formats are supported.

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