Content policy

This page explains what kind of entries are accepted.


Main requirements

1. Each artist entry should be included in at least one song or album.


  • Base (“Unknown”) voicebank entries.
  • People who are in a (main) part of an event (e.g. DJ).
  • Associated artists for voicebanks.

This applies to cover unifier -songs as well (use the custom artist -feature).

For illustrators, this rule can be ambiguous.

  • Stock photo credits should generally be credited with the custom artist -feature (no entry).
  • Illustrator with voice-synth related artworks should have an entry.
  • Illustrator who collaborates a lot with different voice-synth artists should have an entry.

Artists that are directly participating/collaborating (including illustrators) should/can have artist entries: Animators, lyricists, other individuals, etc.

Artist entry is usually not necessary, if a person is credited for a small/ambiguous role, such as “advice”.

3. Make sure that the artist is not listed here.


Unreleased voicebanks with no demo songs should not be added.

Artist entries for unofficial voicebanks, generated from existing singing voices without consent are not allowed. Song credits should be added with “custom artist” -feature along with the unofficial voicebank/Jinriki -tag.

Fan-made derivatives such as pitchbends and genderswaps such as Hagane Miku, should not be added as artist entries. Corresponding tags should be used instead:

  • Official derivatives made or commissioned by the original creator of the voicebank, whether that’s for Vocaloid or UTAU, are allowed.


The album needs to have at least one track with voice synth vocals (vocaloid/utau/cevio/etc.).

Additionally, the album needs to have a physical (i.e. CD) or a digital release (i.e. Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.) at some point of the time. Sometimes artists “publish” their song collections as a playlist which itself is not enough for an album entry.

Unofficial, fanmade compilation albums (bootlegs) where the authors is not involved with making of songs are generally not allowed. There can be some exceptions if the albums are widely known, for example the Hatsune Miku 1st Song Album. In any case, the staff members reserve the right to remove these entries should they deem it necessary.


Make sure that the (main) artist of the song is not listed here.

Songs without voice-synth vocals (vocaloid/utau/cevio/etc.) should not be added, with a few exceptions:

  • Song is part of an album entry
  • Song has multiple (at least 5) voice-synth covers (= cover unifier entry)

Work in progress (WIP) songs/trailers should not be added, except voicebank demos.

  • Teasers that are different from the actual songs that they promote are allowed (example).

Song entries should not be created based on unpublished YouTube premieres.

  • Adding links that have not yet premiered to existing song entries is fine, as long as the song entry has some other playable link.


Event entries have no creation requirements, as long as they apply to at least one album/song.


Empty tag entries (without anything but the name) are not accepted.

Tag category & description are also required.

More on the wiki page for tags.

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