Entry names and aliases

Original language

”Original language” is the language of the most common, official, primary name.

This determines the displayed name when the user setting “preferred display language” is set to “Original”.

This field is automatically set during the entry creation but doesn’t automatically update when the names are edited.

Primary name

Primary name of the entry including the official or unofficial romanization and/or English translation. Official romanization and/or translation, if available, takes priority.

Do NOT romanize or translate titles if you do not know the language well enough. Machine translations are strictly forbidden. It’s better to leave the fields empty than have it incorrect.

Missing names do not need to be copied from the other two fields. The system will substitute those when needed.

New non-English translations should not be added without a good reason. For example, the song entry ECHO should not receive new translations.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Translation is used somewhere else.
    • = Improved searchability
  • Translation is related to the original name.
    • ”Матрёшка” for Matryoshka
    • = Additional context/value


For original names in all languages that aren’t English or Romanized, for example Japanese.


For foreign original names written in the Latin (western) alphabet. Usually this means Romaji.


For official names in English and known translations of foreign names.


Aliases are additional, commonly used names for an entry. Most of the time they are not translations of the primary name, although well-known translations can be added as aliases. Aliases can be in language.

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