Content removal guidelines

Content removal request must always be verified in some way. Having a verified artist account on VocaDB is one way of doing it.

Most of the time, the original media should be deleted first to avoid someone adding it again on VocaDB.

If artist wants to create music without a VocaDB presence, they can request their name in the forbidden artists -page. This is one way of making sure that users do not add their content to the site.

For entries that already exist, check the following list(s) and leave an entry report or communicate to us in some way to have the content removed. Do not remove the information yourself.

Song removal checklist:

  1. Verified request by the inactive/retired artist

  2. No official media available

  3. No song ratings by other users

    • Covers and other derived content can be an exception (similar alternatives exists)

Album entry removal checklist:

  1. Verified request by the inactive/retired artist(s)

  2. No official media (crossfades/store links) available

  3. No album ratings on the album entry or in the track entries

Artist entry removal checklist:

Unnecessary links, pictures and unused/uncommon aliases can usually be removed.

  1. Verified request by the inactive/retired artist

  2. Only one song or album entry left

    • With only one song/album the artist entry is not useful as a grouping page and can be replaced with a custom artist credit.

Information that the artist can (usually) freely remove:

Make sure to verify your artist entry first!

  • Names:

    • Uncommon aliases that are not in use.
    • Real names.
  • Images:

    • Images can be removed/replaced.
  • External links:

    • In most cases, links should be marked as “unavailable” instead of removing them.
    • Music-related links (Niconico, Youtube, etc.) should stay.
    • Twitter link is useful for searching and handling duplicates.
    • Old blogs/websites can be removed (again, prefer marking as unavailable instead).
    • Links containing personal information can be removed.
  • Voicebank associations:

In the real world, things are not usually this simple. There can be exceptions to all of these, and we encourage communication in all of the cases.

Having to erase songs or albums from users’ collections is something we would like to avoid as much as possible.

Similar sites such as Wikipedia, Metal archives, VGMdb, Discogs, Musicbrainz have very strict removal policies. VocaDB’s policies are also based on those, but we don’t need or want to be overly strict. More of this topic is written here:

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