User groups

Regular user

New users start as regular users.

Most of the features on the site are available for all users from the beginning: users are able to edit most entries, rate songs and albums, post comments and more.

Trusted user

Once we have seen that a user knows and respects the basic rules on the site and that they’re likely going to stay longer than a few days, we eventually promote them to trusted. You can read this wiki page for more about the trusted user status.

In addition to regular user features, trusted users have access to the following:


Moderators are users who have proven to be especially reliable, being able to advise others as well as keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.

In addition to trusted user features, moderators have access to the following:

  • Reverting an entry
  • Locking an entry (and editing them)
  • Maintaining tag mappings (NND tag -> VocaDB tag)
  • Handling DMCA, GDPR, user account deletion, other requests
  • Flagging spammers, posting them to StopForumSpam
  • Disabling misbehaving user accounts
  • Promoting users from regular to trusted

Also see management guidelines.


Administrator is a special role. It does not provide meaningful permissions over moderator, other than being able to manage all users and accessing specific settings. The number of administrators is intended to be kept very low because moderators already have essentially the same permissions.

For a staff list, visit this page.

Limited user

Occasionally we have to reduce an account from regular to limited. Limited users have no editing permissions at all, they are able to log in and edit their profile. This is intended to be only temporary and is usually the result of multiple ignored warnings.

Special permissions

Verified artists

Verified artists are able to approve their assigned artist entry, restricting editing for that entry. Additionally, they are able to use VocaDB to host their songs, by uploading mp3 files that can be played on site.

Email verification

Users with verified email are able to log in to VocaDB by using their email address instead of username.

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