Artist entry editing

This page explains how existing artist entries are edited.

URL: (replace x with some artist id)

Deleting artist entries | Merging artist entries

tab: Basic info


For general entry instructions regarding fields “Original language”, “Primary name”, “Non-English”, “Romanized”, “English”, “Aliases”:

Artist entry -specific name instructions

Real-life names should not be added as aliases, if they’re not used by other artists/sources. Real-life names can still be added, if that’s the main artist name.

It’s common to see artists credited with additional honorifics. These should not be added, unless the artist uses those themselves: Gedou-san for example.

If the artist name is not available, the anonymous artist -tag can be used along with some placeholder name.

Generally (with some exceptions), composite names should be avoided:

  • “cosMo@Bousou-P(暴走 P)” is incorrect: every field should contain only one name.

If there is no separate entry for the artist’s solo circle, the circle name can be included as an alias. For these, the circle name should be mentioned in the artist description.

Main picture

All pictures should be related to the artist, not their works.

Watch out for pictures that look like avatars but are actually part of the default avatar collection for the website. These should not be added. (TODO list of default avatars per site, piapro for example)

More on Choosing the main picture for artist entries

Artist description

For other information that does not belong to any other field.

GitHub-flavored Markdown is supported for formatting.

English translation can be added/moved to a separate field below, if the original description exists in a non-English language.

Artist type

Artist type specifies the most common role that the artist participates in. Additional roles can be specified with tags.

Be careful when changing the artist type, since it changes the default role for all of their existing entries.

Different artist types are described at Artist types.

Associated artists

These fields are available for voicebanks and are displayed when a suitable artist type is selected.

These are inherited to any derived voicebank and can be overwritten when necessary.

Multiple associated artists can be added with the same role (multiple illustrators for example).


  • Illustrator of the official character/voicebank art.

Character designer

  • Only needs to be specified if it’s different from the illustrator.


  • Manager of the character/voicebank.

  • Only needs to be specified if it’s different from the voice provider.

Voice provider

  • Person who provided their voice for the voicebank.

Groups and circles

For grouping related artists under a shared group/circle.

If an artist leaves a group/circle, generally it’s best to mention this in the artist & circle description instead of emptying this field.

Solo circles can be added as artist aliases instead creating a separate entry (circle mentioned in the entry description).

Base voicebank

Base voicebank if available.

For example, the base voicebank for Megpoid Talk is GUMI.

Voicebank release date

The release date of the voicebank.

External links relevant to this entry.

The link description and category will be guessed automatically based on the URL if the domain is known: github/VocaDB/web-link-matcher

Link category:

  • Official: Artist’s official websites and social media handles and other public links.
  • Commercial: Authorized sales such as Amazon and CDJapan.
  • Reference: Fansites with useful information such as wikis.
  • Other: Links that do not fit into anything above.

More on the External links -page.


Supported voice synth languages.

These are inherited to any derived voicebank and can be overwritten when necessary.


Entry status communicates the level of completeness.

  • Draft = Entry is missing crucial information. This status indicates that you’re requesting additional information to be added or corrected.
  • Finished = The entry has all the necessary information, but it hasn’t been inspected by a trusted user yet.
  • Approved = The entry has been inspected and approved by a trusted user. Approved entries can only be edited by trusted users.
  • Locked = Locked entries can only be edited by moderators.

Finished artist entry requirements

Finished artist entries should meet the following criteria:

TODO - Artist type -specific requirements (voice synths)

Artist entry validation errors


  • ARV1: NeedType
  • ARV2: UnspecifiedNames
  • ARV3: NeedReferences

Criteria for approving artists


tab: Additional pics

Additional (official) pictures for the artist. Most useful for voice synth entries.

Allowed types: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png. Maximum size is 8 MB.

Update notes

Entry update notes are optional, but should always be used if the edit reason or the information source is not obvious.

In some cases, the entry description or the comment section might be more suitable to use.

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