Management guidelines

See our wiki article about VocaDB, particularly the part about the “motivation” and “core attributes”.

The guidelines for the management and moderation of VocaDB:

VocaDB is non-profit.

We do not want to see advertising or promoted posts on VocaDB. Our primary method of income is donations. Other methods can be considered if they’re not intrusive to regular users. Paid features can be considered in the future, but main functionality should be free. All money should go to running the website.

VocaDB is reliable

All information should be sourced and verifiable somehow. If no official source is available, then self-sourced “educated guess” information is allowed, but even then the source should be stated. Prefer finding as many references to reliable websites as possible.

VocaDB is welcoming to all users

Regardless of their experience or nationality. That means being patient towards new users and editors. If someone is making mistakes, at least at first try to educate them, politely point out their mistakes, ask them to correct them. For repeated mistakes we sometimes have no other choice but to limit their editing permissions, but even then try to explain them to be careful, take a look at existing entries for example. If someone is intentionally causing trouble or being hostile, that will not be tolerated of course. Be polite, open, honest and constructive.

VocaDB is transparent

All financial information should be completely transparent. Decision making as well, whenever possible. Communicate with the users, explain your decisions. Whenever we have to come up with a rule or guideline, we try to look for examples of how other similar websites (Discogs, Musicbrainz, vgmdb, Metal Archives, Wikipedia) are doing it. Try not to make the rules too strict. Not everything can be defined, there will always be loopholes and exceptions. Favor common sense and discussion.

VocaDB is legit

That means no album downloads. Remember that none of the information is copyrighted - editors have no obligation to make sure that particular artist’s song are not added. DMCA takedown notices for album/artist pictures will be respected of course.

VocaDB exists for both the fans and artists

We want to serve both equally if possible. Respect the artist’s wishes, but don’t give preferred treatment. Think about how choices affect both parties.

VocaDB is primarily an informational website

All entry comments should be about that particular entry. Off-topic conversations on the website are discouraged. The Vocaloid discussion area, has slightly more relaxed rules. We have little tolerance for drama and harassment, and we never promote those.

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