Choosing the correct voicebank credit

With ambiguous crediting it’s important to minimize potential credit errors.

If not further specified, the default choice in most cases is the base voicebank. In some cases they are marked with the text “unknown”.

There are some exceptions where the base voicebank should be avoided:

For example, Japanese “Xin Hua” songs should be credited with the V4 Japanese voicebank, since the base voicebank is Chinese.

Always make sure that the song language matches one of the voicebank languages, except with songs tagged with unsupported language.

When crediting a derived voicebank based on hearing, “Hatsune Miku Append (Soft)” for example, it’s important to mark the entry with the “unconfirmed vocalists” -tag or use the entry edit notes to document the source.

When the vocalist sounds different from the base-version but no further guess exists, the “unspecified voicebank” -tag can be used.

If the specific voicebank is only partially credited, there are two options depending which piece of information is omitted:

Always credit the earliest “Gakupo Power” bank (V3 instead of V4) along with the “unspecified voicebank engine” -tag.

Multiengine synths that have no clear/safe-to-assume base voicebanks usually have a corresponding “unknown”-entry. These are grouped under the “unspecified voicebank engine” -tag.

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