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“//How can I help?//“

This is a general TODO / task list for VocaDB (besides adding/editing entries and moderating). \If you want to help with the points mentioned below, please reach out to us (the admins) on VocaDB, Twitter or Discord.

Please note that this is, was and will be volunteer work.


We need people who know specific languages, especially Japanese and Chinese.

  • Communicating with users to solve their reports and questions regarding the website is very important, that is why we need help translating messages to/from users.

  • Some translations on the website are not completed and also need fixes, for example: The Chinese translations, started by user “szg28”, are missing some parts (Thread on VocaDB).

  • The VocaDB Wiki also needs translations for the main and important pages.

  • Additionally to the translations, we also need help proofreading the existing translations. Let us know of any mistakes in language or spellings, if you find any.

Please update your “known languages” list in your profile settings and let us know if we can contact you when we need translations done.

Translations are now managed through Crowdin, a localization management platform. \ -> Project invite link

-> Guide: Translating VocaDB

Website development

We need help with the development of the website. Someone needs to take care of fixing bugs and implementing or updating features. This does not need to be done regularly and any, tiny help is very appreciated.

VocaDB’s feature development is tracked as GitHub issues on the VocaDB GitHub. The software is based on ASP.NET Core (.NET 7), jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, React, MobX, and it uses a SQL database through the NHibernate ORM. Server side code is written in C#, most of the client side is TypeScript.

If you know how to program or someone else who does and would like to help, let us know.

-> Guide: VocaDB feature requests

Fixes to front page

  • The “Help / About” page needs to be rewritten as some points don’t match with the current state anymore.

  • The social media and external links menu needs to be cleaned: Some logos are outdated and should be replaced and some partner websites need to be removed and added.

  • The general menus, header, logo etc. need to be aligned to achieve a proper symmetry to make everything visually more appealing.

  • The “Highlighted PVs” section could be styled/reworked to look better.

  • When viewing the front page on a larger resolution/screen, a lot of whitespace is visible besides the “Highlighted PVs” section, perhaps a specific text or section could be shown there. An idea would be to display the “Featured song list/s” or “Random popular Artist/s” as a section there.

-> Overhaul of the front page

Fixes to mobile layout

Currently some pages don’t fit the on the phone screen very well, for example: The highlighted PVs list on the front page doesn’t fit in phone screens. If someone could do some testing and CSS tuning, we can import the fixes to the website.

Interface theme additions

It would be nice to feature more and better themes for the website (also fixes to the current ones). Many people wished for that and especially a proper, good designed dark theme is needed.


  • dark theme (black)

  • light theme (white)

  • monochrome/gray theme (wowaka tribute)

  • spring theme (sakura miku)

  • summer theme

  • fall/autumn theme

  • winter theme (winter miku)

  • valentines day theme

  • easter theme

  • april fools theme (teto)

  • hanabi/fireworks theme

  • halloween theme

  • christmas theme (santa miku)

  • water theme (bottle miku/deep sea girl)

  • universe/space theme

  • sports theme (racing miku)

  • fantasy/middle ages theme

  • metal/rock theme (hagane miku)

  • calne ca theme

  • black rock shooter theme

App development

Besides the actual mobile website, VocaDB also exists as an app. The app was created by user “up2code” and works on Android and iOs devices. The development is tracked via GitHub on the VocaDB-App GitHub.

Help is always appreciated so if you know how to program Apps or someone else who does and would like to help, let us know.


VocaDB is free to use for everyone and does not display any sort of ads. However, running a website is not free. VocaDB, UtaiteDB and TouhouDB are running on servers that need to be paid monthly (more detailed on our Patreon page). We use Patreon to fund those running costs, so if you want to help with that, please visit our Patreon page.

Additionally, if you want to donate to the VocaDB-App hosted by “up2code”, please visit the dedicated Ko-fi page.

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