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Albums are VocaDB's main data type, along with artists and songs.

This page is aimed to help with adding albums to the database, and to explain how each data field works and how it should be used.

If you're unsure if the album should be added in the first place, please read the content policy for content policy for albums.

Album entry - Submit page

An album entry needs at least one artist (with an artist entry) and a name. If the artist entry page doesn't already exist, you will need to use the "Add an artist" page to create an entry. You can also do this after the album entry has been created, as long as the album entry has some other artist added (vocaloid for example).

After submitting the album, you can add more detailed information to the entry.

Album entry - Edit page

tab: Basic info

Original language

The language of the official default name for this entry. Usually this is the one that's used most commonly in official sources.

This field is automatically set, based on which title field was used in the entry submit -page.

Primary name (in one or more languages)

If the original name is non-English (for example Japanese), or if the language of the name is unknown, input that into the Non-English name field. If known, input the romanized name as well. If the official name of the entry is in English, or there is a known English translation, input that into the English name field.

Note that you do not need to copy the missing names from others. The system will substitute those when needed. For example, lacking a romanized name, the system will automatically use English.

Before adding the romanizations and translations, read Romanization guidelines.


Aliases are additional, commonly used names for an entry. Most of the time they are not translations of the primary name, although well-known translations can be added as aliases. Aliases can be in language.

Cover picture

A cover picture for the album.

Description + translation

  • (TODO)

Record type

Release event

The first release event that the album was released in.

Release date

The earliest release date of the album.

Catalog number

A catalog number typically in a format "ABCD-1234"

"Most releases that aren't self-released have a quasi-unique catalog number, assigned to them by the record label releasing them. Generally, this number will include alphanumeric characters, often letters followed by numbers, perhaps separated by a dash, space or other punctuation."

- definition from MusicBrainz


Barcodes are usually plain numbers, for example 01234567. They can be scanned from the product package.

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Album entry - View page

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