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Ideas for related services


VocaDB's main purpose is to be a database of Vocaloid discography, but there's a lot of related needs where VocaDB's database would be useful. Most of those will never be implemented on the main site because it's not optimal to have everything on one monolithic site. Instead, a more special site that connects to VocaDB using the public APIs would make more sense. This is a list of ideas for such related services that would use the information provided by VocaDB while adding something new.

Services making use of database content on VocaDB

Vocaloid events calendar

Similar to Vocalendar, but with multilingual interface and combining information from multiple sources, including VocaDB and Vocalendar.

  • Concerts
  • Album release events
  • Album releases
  • DJ events

See the demo.

Event circle listing

Similar to the circle list for Comiket and VoM@s, but with more detailed artist and album information from VocaDB. The list would include a list of artists/circles attending the event, the albums they're releasing (perhaps including rereleases), with crossfades and album pricing. Artist booths would also be listed.

VocaDB provides an API for listing albums for a particular event, with artist information. Album pricing information and artist booths would need to be added. Comiket provides a database for such information, but it's not public. The circle listing page for VoM@s is public, but doesn't provide album information. Therefore, that information would need to be added.

Circle listing

UTAU append and voicebank information database

The number of UTAU appends is much larger than the number of Vocaloid appends. That's why UTAU appends are generally not listed on VocaDB, with some exceptions. Additionally, UTAU voicebanks can be recorded in a multitude of different ways. A more detailed database of UTAU voicebank information would be useful.

This site would provide a lightweight listing of appends available for each UTAU voicebank. Detailed information such as the voicebank's author (voice provider and otoer) and recording method would be provided for each append.

Could be integrated with UtauDB (see below).


UtauDB (UTAUDB?) would be an alternate portal to VocaDB, not a separate database. It would load data from VocaDB - everything that is on VocaDB would automatically be available on UtauDB, but all searches and listings would only show UTAU songs and artists.

In the most simple case it would be just the front page listing recent UTAU songs from VocaDB, but this could be extended with pages for song, album and artist entries.