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Translating VocaDB


We are currently not looking for translating VocaDB into additional languages with the exception of Korean.

Updates to the existing translations, especially Japanese and Chinese are very welcome.


Main parts of the VocaDB user interface are translatable. This guide is for you If you wish to help translating the interface into your language.

Sorry, at the moment there's some manual work involved, and you need some technical expertise. Please contact me if you need help.

Editing the resource files

VocaDB user interface is translated with .resx resource files. Most of the resources are under these folders: Web\App_GlobalResources, Web\Resources and Model\Resources (including subfolders).

Note that you only need to care about the files ending with ".resx" and no other dots in the name. For example AlbumCollectionStatusNames.resx, you don't need or AlbumCollectionStatusNames.Designer.cs.

To edit these files you'll need a resource file editor such as ResX Resource Manager or Zeta resource editor.

Editing the files can be done in one of two possible ways.

Forking the repository on Github (preferred)

  • Fork the repository on Github.
  • Clone the repository to your PC.
  • Copy the original resource file and name it with the culture-specific suffix.
    • For example, AlbumCollectionStatusNames.resx for German would be named
  • Commit your changes and send a pull request to the original repository.

Downloading the repository (if you're not comfortable with version control)

  • Download the whole repository as a .zip file from Github.
  • Copy and rename the resource files as mentioned above, edit the copied files.
  • Send me the edited files somehow. I'll check and apply them.