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VocaDB wiki

Welcome to the VocaDB wiki!

What is VocaDB?

VocaDB is a free to use database for Vocaloid artists, albums and songs. The main goal of the site is to have accurate, translated entries for as many artists, their albums and songs as possible. Anyone is able to contribute and correct existing information by creating an account. Vocaloid artists are encouraged to add their own information, thus providing a way to promote themselves. Registered users may add lyrics and PVs to songs. Entries may be tagged with specific genres and other meta-information. Album release events such as VoMas may also be tracked. The site is designed so that it would be comfortable to use by fans around the world, including both western and Japanese users.

For more information, see here.

This wiki is primarily used for documenting guidelines and rules for the site.

In order to edit or create pages, you can log in using your existing VocaDB account.