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Artist merging and splitting guidelines

Entry merging is a feature available for trusted users and above. It's an important and powerful tool for reducing the amount of duplicate entries (album/artist/song/+).

Merging entries is not something that can be easily reversed. Because of that, it's important to be aware if the merge is the best choice.

For simple duplicate cases:

In general the intuitive rule is to merge artist entries that belong to the same person. This way, the artist information is in one place, and the user features such as following the artist entry is most convenient. There are however some cases where it's best to take a different approach.

To avoid duplicate entries, VocaDB checks against existing links and names when creating new artist or song entries. This can reveal previously unseen connections between the artist profiles, if the artist happens to re-use the same niconico account for example.

There can be various reasons for artists to create new profiles and start again from a clean slate. Sometimes this transition is openly shared, in some cases it's more discreet. For some artists it can be discouraging to be associated with old works, which goes against one of VocaDB's purposes, the promotion of vocal synth music.

The more separate the artist profiles/personas are, the more sense it makes to have separate entries. Ideally, these entries are then linked to each other through the entry descriptions: LamazeP & GojimajiP for example (

This description link can be omitted if the artist wishes to, assuming that the information is not easily and publicly available by the artist. It's also important to be aware of VocaDB's revision history, which shows the information history of entries. Furthermore, if someone comments that the artist X and Y are the same, we are not obliged to remove such comments.

In most situations the safest approach is to create separate artist entries first.