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Content policy

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Make sure that the artist is not listed here.

Each artist entry should be included in at least one song or album. Because of this, unreleased voicebanks should not be added.

Exceptions are artists/people (not voice synths) who are part of an event (e.g. DJ) or group that are already listed on VocaDB, as well as people who served as voice providers for voice synths.

Artists that are not voice-synth-related, should not be added to the database. This is important to keep in mind when editing cover unifier -songs.

For illustrators, this rule can be ambiguous.

  • Stock photo credits should generally be credited with the custom artist -feature (no entry).
  • Illustrator with voice-synth related artworks should have an entry.
  • Illustrator who is credited for multiple songs/albums with different voice-synth artists should have an entry.

Artists that are directly participating/collaborating (including illustrators) should/can have artist entries: Animators, lyricists, other individuals, etc.

Artist entry is usually not necessary, if a person is credited for a small/ambigious role, such as "advice".


Make sure that the (main) artist of the album is not listed here.

The album needs to have at least one track with voice synth vocals (vocaloid/utau/cevio/etc.).

Unofficial fan-made compilations (bootlegs) are not allowed.


Make sure that the (main) artist of the song is not listed here.

Songs without voice-synth vocals (vocaloid/utau/cevio/etc.) should not be added, with a few exceptions:

  • Song is part of an album entry
  • Song has multiple (at least 5) voice-synth covers (= cover unifier entry)