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Song embeds


VocaDB allows PVs in the database to be embedded on other sites. Compared to embedding the video directly, for example from Youtube, this provides the following benefits:
  • Translated title and artist information
  • Allows the user to choose between all available video services. VocaDB supports NND, Youtube, Piapro, SoundCloud, Bilibili and Vimeo. All these can be included with a single embed.
  • A link to VocaDB is included automatically for additional information.

Below is an example of a song embed.

VocaDB song embed

Usage guide

The endpoint for embedding a song is at . At least, you need to provide the song parameter, for example . Additionally, you can specify a language for the translations with the "lang" parameter, for example &lang=English.

OEmbed support

VocaDB song embeds support OEmbed, including OEmbed discovery. If the site supports OEmbed discovery, all you need to do is post a link to the song page, for example . Endpoint for the OEmbed API is at , for example . Both JSON and XML formats are supported.