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Merging entries

What is it used for

Duplicates often appear on VocaDB. Maybe the artist goes by multiple names or maybe it was misspelled. Whenever a duplicate is detected it needs to be deleted or merged. Merging copies all properties from the source entry to the destination, and the source entry is deleted.

This includes the following:

  • Artist references (if merging an artist)
  • Followed artists
  • Song votes (favorites and likes)
  • Tag votes

The process cannot be reversed automatically - to undo a merge you'll have to restore the old source entry and edit all references manually. Some properties such as song and tag votes cannot be restored. Therefore you need to be especially careful before proceeding with the merge: make sure that the entries really need to be merged.

Because undoing a merge can be a great deal of work, it is restricted to trusted users only. If you notice a duplicate entry but can't perform the merge yourself, report the entry (including the other duplicate) and a trusted user will take care of it.

When not to merge

Do not merge if you're not sure that the entries are really duplicates. Ask for other opinions.

If the source entry has no useful information and no song/tag votes, merging is redundant: the source entry can simply be deleted.

How to merge

Assuming you have the necessary permissions, the merge option appears on the entry edit page. In general, merge should be performed from the newer entry to the older one, because the source entry will be deleted, and it's more likely that there are external references to the older entry.

Start editing the source entry. Select "Merge". Select the destination entry. Confirm by pressing the Merge button.