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Staff roles

  • VocaDB wiki: Shiroizu (+ team)
    • Manages guidelines
    • Planning of guidelines

  • Facebook: Melpirise
    • Posts about new features
    • Song posts
    • Responding to messages for the page

  • GitHub: ycanardeau (main dev), MrMeteor, (riipah)
    • Technical documentation
    • Development, technical planning (1 person)
    • Responding to requests on the issues list
    • Transferring issue requests from website to GitHub
    • Triage
    • Reviewing pull requests
    • Build pipeline

  • Maintaining translations
    • Coordinating
    • Japanese translation
    • Chinese translation
    • Other translations

  • Domain management (Joker): MrMeteor, (riipah)
    • Yearly domain renewals
    • Set up DNS, email forwards, aliases

  • Server management (Windows Server 2016, Hetzner EX41): MrMeteor, (riipah)
    • Server security, upgrades
    • Backups
    • SSL certificates (LetsEncrypt)

  • Email sending (Mailgun)

  • Affiliate programs (Amazon)

Approximate work amount

RoleImportanceWork amount
Promotes users to trustedModerate2 hours per week
Maintains tag mappingsLow1 hour per week
Makes sure guidelines are followedHigh4 hours per week
Flags spammersHigh2 hours per week
Handling DMCA, GDPR, user account deletionHigh1 hour per week
Foreign user communicationModerate1 hour per week
Wiki: managing guidelinesModerate4 hours per week
DiscordLow1 hour per week
IRCLow1 hour per week
FacebookLow2 hours per week
TwitterLow2 hours per week
Support emailModerate2 hours per week
PatreonModerate2 hours per week
PartnershipsLow1 hour per week
PromotionLow2 hours per week
Google analyticsLow1 hour per week
Webmaster toolsLow1 hour per week
Coordinating translationsLow1 hour per week
Technical documentationModerate2 hours per week
DevelopmentModerate6 hours per week
Triage, responding to issuesModerate3 hours per week
Transferring issues to GitHubLow2 hours per week
Reviewing pull requestsMedium3 hours per week
Build pipelineHigh1 hour per week
Domain renewalHigh1 hour per year
IP managementMedium1 hour per week
Server securityHigh1 hour per week
BackupsHigh1 hour per week
SSL certificatesHigh1 hour per week
Affiliate programsMedium1 hour per week

Role explanation

Communication with foreign users

We get a lot of traffic from overseas, mostly Japan and China, but also France and Spain. There are also a few active editors from those countries. Some of them don't speak English. Some of them are editors, some artists. We need someone in charge of contacting these people and translating messages (possibly using other people to do the translation).

Handling abandoned reports

Entry reports should be handled as quickly as possible. Preferably in less than a week. If the report cannot be handled, then someone needs to post a comment on the reported entry and close the report. Spammers should be banned and reported to StopForumSpam before closing.

VocaDB support email group

Emails sent to are redirected to private Google Group. We get some traffic here, mostly spam, but also people requesting accounts to be deleted or something similar. There should be a few people who can read and respond to these emails.

Patreon page

Patreon is our main source of funding. Someone should make sure the information on Patreon page is up to date, and monitor incoming money, so that it's sufficient for running the server. Sometimes actions are required regarding Patreon. For example, recently they added mandatory taxation. Patreon page needs to declare services it is providing, so that tax can be properly applied. Also, tax form needs to be updated sometimes.

Partnership management

VocaDB has partnerships with numerous Vocaloid websites. Someone needs to monitor these partnerships periodically. Which ones are still active. Sometimes partners request updating their information such as icons or description. This also includes seeking new partnerships with major Vocaloid-related websites.

Google analytics

Google analytics shows various statistics about visitors on the website. Their language, where are they from, how did they arrive, how long did they spend on site. How many people are browsing using mobile phone vs. desktop?

This is useful for knowing where our traffic is coming from. Which languages are important on the website. Maybe there's a website we could partner with. Are users finding what they are looking for?

Coordination with partnerships management and search engine optimization.

Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools shows if there's a problem on a certain page. Most common problems are crashes and mobile browsing issues. Crashes can be temporary, but sometimes certain pages are crashing because of the content.

Webmaster tools also includes sitemap management, which GoogleBot uses to index the website. This is important for the website content to be discoverable on Google search. Sitemap is automatically generated by VocaDB SiteMapGenerator.

Maintaining translations

VocaDB user interface is available in multiple languages. Most important translations are Japanese and Chinese. Someone needs to be in charge of updating translations. There can be more people who actually do the translations.

Domain management

Sometimes we need to register new domain names or email addresses for service accounts. For example, would be redirected to

Email sending

VocaDB uses a service called Mailgun to send emails. The main benefit is not having to use personal email account for sending emails. Mailgun also gives handy statistics such as number of emails sent and emails that could not be delivered. Useful if you're wondering what happened to that email sent my VocaDB.

Affiliate programs

VocaDB is enrolled to partnership program with This means that whenever someone clicks album link to, Amazon sends us a tiny bit of money. The links are completely transparent to users. Amazon also requires updating tax information periodically.