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VocaDB general TODO task list

Programming tasks go to Github and entry reports are handled on site. This list is for everything else.

Finishing the Chinese translation

Started by szg28, but missing many translations. Thread on VocaDB.


We need more people who know Japanese and Chinese and can help with translating messages to/from Japanese/Chinese users.

Please update your "known languages" list on your profile and let me know if I can contact you when we need translations done.

More visually appealing front page

Personally I don't like how the "Highlighted PVs" list looks. It could be styled/reworked to look better. If someone can do a mockup + CSS I could implement it. The highlighted PVs list also doesn't fit in phone screens - this should be fixed.

Fixes to mobile layout

Currently some pages don't fit the on the phone screen very well. If someone could do some testing and CSS tuning I can import the fixes to the website.