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PV types

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The original type is intended for media where the content is authorized.

Authorized content means it is uploaded by a party with rights to both the audio and video (if any). Usually this is the artist themselves uploading, or someone uploading on their behalf (if this is the case, and it's not obvious how the upload was authorized, please clarify this in the notes).

Note that in cases where the PV includes material that is not freely available for viewing, the original type should not be used. Instead, the PV should be "Other" type. Most of the time this means PVs where the video is taken from copyrighted sources such as video games or TV series. On the other hand, if the use of the video was allowed, the original type can be used, even if the video was not made by the artist themselves.

Usually there is at most one original PV per service.


Reprint is a PV that is copied from another service, and uploaded by a party not related to the original artist. Reprint implies that an original, freely available PV exists.

Some artists forbid reprinting their works. If this is mentioned in the video description, please don't add any such reprints on this website. See the do not reupload tag.

The reprint PV should be identical to the original - music, vocals, length and video (if any) should be the same. If any of these are changed, use the "Other" type, or create another (music PV) entry if necessary.


For everything else. Most of the time this means subtitled PVs, or PVs that are somehow modified from the original, but don't justify creating another entry.

Audio should still be the same as in the "original" PV, if any.

It's possible that only "Other" PV exists, without original, if there is no authorized PV available.