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Song lists

Purpose and features of song lists

Song lists can be used to organize songs. The songs can be presented in some specific order, and a custom note can be added for each song in the list. The list may have a name and description, as well as a picture.

Types of song lists

There are two kinds of song lists on VocaDB: personal song lists and featured song lists.

Personal song lists

Personal song lists are editable only by the owner. They are displayed on the owner's profile page. As the name says, they are used for personal categorization of songs, for example specific themes.

Featured song lists

Note: at the moment only trusted users can create/edit features song lists.

Featured song lists are used for things such as concert setlists, where the contents aren't related to personal preferences. Featured song lists are assigned to some category. They are displayed on the featured song lists page.

How to use the song lists

Song lists can be created and songs can be added to lists in two ways: the most convenient way is generally to use the "Add to custom list" button on the song page. Click that, and a list appears showing all of your song lists. The last item is "Create a new list". If that one is selected, additional field appears where you can enter a name for the new list. After selecting the list and optionally entering the name of the new list, click "Save" to add the song to the list.

Song lists can be found by going to your profile page and choosing the "Custom lists" tab. On that tab you can also open a list for editing, where you can add a description or picture, or add/remove songs from the list.

Compared to tags

There is some obvious overlap with song lists compared to tags. Often it's possible to use either tags or song lists for the same purpose.

  • Only songs can be added to song lists
  • A note can be added for each song in the list
  • Songs can be ordered
  • The name of the list can be decided freely
  • Whether the song belongs to a list is not subject to voting - the song either belongs to the list or it doesn't

Which one should be used depends on a number of factors:

  • Do you need to add artists or albums in addition to songs? If yes, you should probably use a tag.
  • Is there value in the songs being ordered? If yes, you should consider a song list.
  • Does the purpose purely represent your personal opinion or preference? If so, you should use a song list.