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Artist roles

Support status

Support status is a special setting for a particular artist credit. The support status should be used when the song or album has a clear separation of main artists and support artists.

Examples of support status usage

  • Backing vocals, for example singing chorus when the main vocals are sung by another vocalist.
  • Guest artists. An artist might invite other guest artists to produce remixes, released together with the original songs. Those guest artists should be marked as support.
    • For example, electroll by 8#Prince
    • The same applies if the album is titled for example "feat. Hatsune Miku" and there's 1 or 2 songs with other Vocaloids: those supporting Vocaloids should be marked support.

Support status removes the artist(s) from the artist string (the one that says "producers feat. vocalists). Albums/songs also won't be shown on artist's page if the artist was credited as support.


Japanese: Most commonly credited under 動画.

Person who made or animated the PV. Required for Music PV and Drama PV song types.


Japanese: 編曲

Arranger is the person handling the instruments and producing the music. Most of the time this is related to remixes where the remixer is generally credited with the arranger role, but sometimes for original songs the roles for composition and arrangement (music production) are divided as well.


Japanese: 作曲

The person who created the song. Most of the time for original songs, the composer and arranger are the same person, but not always.


Mostly for albums, the person or group who distributes the album, either physically (such as selling at an event), or electronically (sells the digital copies).

Circles get this role by default. Sometimes it's necessary to give the role to custom artists, other groups or individual artists if they're handling the distribution.


Japanese: Most commonly credited under イラスト or 絵.

Person who made the illustration for either a PV or album cover. Also booklet illustrations.


A person playing an instrument, usually a physical instrument such as piano or guitar.


Japanese: 作詞

Person who wrote the lyrics.


Person who did the mixing.


For all roles that don't fit with any of the predetermined options.


The group or sometimes a person who published the album. Usually a label or a circle.


A person or synthesizer producing vocals.

Voice manipulator

Japanese: 調声

Person who operated the voice synthesizer.

If person A simply operated the synthesizer and person B did majority of the vocal tuning, then person A should be marked as support and B is the main voice manipulator. If an existing vocal data from another song was used, the vocal data provider role should be used for person B instead.

Vocal data provider

Artist who created the original VSQ/VSQX/UST/CSV vocal data, but didn't take part in the song creation directly. Voice manipulator role also covers vocal data creation, so specifying both roles for the same person is generally redundant.