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VocaDB feature requests

Feature requests

VocaDB's new feature development is tracked as GitHub issues.

If VocaDB is lacking a feature that you are expecting, you may submit a feature request on GitHub. Please use the search to make sure that the feature has not already been requested. If the feature request has already been submitted by another user, you may give a "thumbs up" vote on the issue to help us prioritize it further.

Please understand that unless the feature is extremely simple or requested by a very large number of users, it will take a long time for it to be implemented. Implementing a feature may take anything from 1 hour to many weeks. The queue for new features is long and there is only one programmer (myself, riipah) currently involved, and I have very limited time for working on this project.

To help us prioritize what to implement, you may create an account on GitHub and give a "thumbs up" vote on the issue.

Commissioned features

If you wish your feature to be prioritized, you have the option to commission myself (riipah), or find another programmer to do the job. I will ask to be paid by hour and I will give an estimate of the hours needed. Please send me details about the feature you're requesting, and we can negotiate.