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Privacy and cookie policy

VocaDB will never share personal information with 3rd parties. We will do our best to make sure that the database containing user information will be kept secure.


VocaDB uses cookies to store user session. Thus, cookies are required for using functions for registered users. Cookies are also used to store the content language selection.

Without cookies, all content will be displayed in default language and users are not able to log in.

Privacy policy

VocaDB stores user's email address. This email address will be used for messages such as password resets and content notifications. Content notifications are always opt-in. In normal situations, VocaDB will never send email to users without the user requesting to be contacted.

User's IP address is stored and matched against IP addresses of known spammers. This is essential to prevent abuse of the website.

Passwords are stored in the database in a secured format (HMAC-SHA1). Theoretically it should be impossible to decipher the original password.