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Song types

As a general rule, as with everything else on VocaDB, information that is already provided in one way usually does not need to be repeated in other ways.

Original song

Original songs ( "オリジナル曲" in Japanese) are songs that are completely original content and aren't based on other songs.

Note that on VocaDB self-covers and self-remixes, made by the artist him/herself, are to be classified as covers and remixes, not "original songs", unlike on NicoNicoDouga.

Instrumental song that is an original, meaning it's not an instrumental versions of some other song, should be classified as original song, not instrumental. Instead, you should indicate that the song is an instrumental by using the instrumental tag.


SometimesRemaster producers("修正版" uploadin "modifiedJapanese) versions"means an improved (such as remastered) version of theira oldersong. songs.Sometimes 修正版artists inmay replace the original song with a remastered version, even deleting the original.

In order to use the remaster song type the song titleshould usuallysound indicatesalmost thatidentical it's remastered version. Ifto the originaloriginal, versionwith canthe notgeneral bemelody found (deleted) or it's not in any album,and song shouldstructure be original song type instead of remaster. Sometimes whole album is made of remastered songs. In this case, mentioning it in the album description or/and using a tag is enough.intact.


Remix is an edited version of the song, usually made to sound quite different. The remix might be different musical genre. This song type should also be used even when the remix was made by the original artist. In this case you should add the self-remix tag.

CurrentlySongs arrangesthat are called "arrangements" should usually be classified as aremixes remixes.on VocaDB.


SungCover byis humana (utaite)re-recorded /version Vocaloidof a song. Most commonly in the Vocaloid/UTAU world covers are used to record the song with a different voicebank from the original, keeping the instrumentals intact. Sometimes a cover /is Instrumentalanother cover.artist's Sinceinterpretation 17thof Augustthe Utaitesong, coversin haswhich beencase prohibitedit (Formight moresound info visit VocaDB FB Page). If producer has two or morealmost identical songs with different vocalist,to the first upload should be original and other songs should covers with Self-cover tag.original.


AKA off-vocal or karaoke.

Instrumental song type should only be used for one purpose: instrumental versions of the songs, releasedwhen withina somenon-instrumental album.version Ifwith vocals is the songoriginal. isThis originalmeans, songjust like cover and has no vocals, useremix, instrumental tag (Only when the song is part of album in the db). Nicokara (ニコカラ) songs and other non-offical karaoke songs should notalways be added to database. Karaoke download (piapro links) in the song entries are allowed. Instrumental songs using Vocaloid/Utau voicabank as a chorusderived should be Original song type, with a supporting vocalist role.version.


Mashup = Song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs. Currently it's not possible to specify more than one song as the "original" one (Issue 59). Remember to mention both songs in the description.

Drama PV

In most cases Drama PV is animation story made with MMD. In most cases unrelated to music (excluding background music).


Mashup is a song that is made by blending two or more songs together