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Artist types


Artist type specifies the most common role that participates in. It's common that artists participate in multiple roles sometimes. For example, an illustrator might occasionally produce music. Artist type describes the most common role, additional roles can be specified with tags.

Be careful when changing artist's type when that artist already has songs/albums added. If you do this, generally you need to make sure that artist's roles are still correct, because changing the type changes the default role for all those existing entries.

Music producers

Artists whose main role is to compose or arrange music. Includes both original music and derivatives such as covers and remixes. Also voice manipulation (Vocaloid/UTAU tuning) is included.

Animation producer

Artist whose main role is to create animation, either 2D or 3D.


An entity that creates music and self-publishes it, usually selling at doujin events such as Comiket and The Voc@loid M@ster. Usually a group of people, but it's common that music producers have their own "private circle" where they alone are the sole permanent member, and they possibly work with other temporary members.

Note that generally there is no need to create a separate entry for a "private circle", if the circle has only one permanent member. In this case, generally the circle information can be included in the producer's entry.


A commercial company with the primary objective of selling and distributing albums and songs.

Other group

For groups of people where neither Circle nor Label is appropriate.

Sometimes it's hard to define